A big factor in the success of our products is the team of people that supports them. CPC has a strong reputation for superior customer service.

“We were impressed with the way the team at CPC responded to our questions about the product and to our specific requirements. They took the time to understand our needs and created a solution, without customizing, that provided all of the capabilities we were looking for.” (Weingartz Company)

“Thanks to the outstanding service and training provided by CPC throughout the implementation, it's been a very positive experience with great results.” (Dorfin)

As our customer, you are assigned a dedicated support representative. When you call, you will always be talking to someone who is up to speed with your project and familiar with your specific environment. Of course, there’s always backup available in case your assigned support representative isn’t immediately available. Support is provided on a yearly fee basis and there are no restrictions on the number of support calls you can make.