Computer Pundits Corporation Awarded Patent for Automated Catalog Publishing
Catalog Builder® Technology Helps Businesses and eCommerce Solution Providers Fill a Void by Integrating Catalogs and Flyers With eCommerce

(MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota) March 30th, 2010 -- Computer Pundits Corporation, developer of Catalog Builder® software and the leading supplier of digital catalog solutions, today announced it has been awarded a U.S. patent by the U.S. Patent Trademark Office. The patent protects technology innovations of the company’s core Catalog Builder® software as well as new web-based products, Catalog Builder Online® and Catalog Builder® Snap. The patent primarily concerns the designing and publishing of catalogs in an automated fashion from a database of product information. The patent was awarded on February 25th, 2010.

This patent has 36 claims and all have been granted. Some of the specific areas it covers include:
  • The automated system of importing content from existing product databases into the catalog database,
  • Allowing the user to update catalog databases on a regular basis,
  • Generating design templates dynamically to fit the attributes and specifications of the products in the catalog,
  • Building attribute tables dynamically from the database,
  • And the ability to run the system as a client server, standalone system, or as a web-based application.
In summary, the patented functions make it possible to create and manage professional-quality catalogs in-house, without any graphic design or programming skills.

“We’re very proud to be awarded this patent. It’s testimony to the nearly over a decade’s worth of development, innovation and customer-focused enhancements we’ve engineered into the Catalog Builder software suite,” stated Prashubh Batham, president and founder.

Catalog Builder® is the leading in-house catalog design and management system. It automates the process of producing full-line and specialty catalogs in multiple formats including print, Adobe® PDF, browser-based CD-ROM and eCommerce catalogs. Well-known customers include Carrier, Nordyne, Rheem, RadioShack and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. Modular pricing and a user-friendly interface make the software popular with small businesses, while robust features like Adobe InDesign support, workflow management, eCommerce and backend system integration appeal to large enterprises.

Two other products affected by the patent are Catalog Builder Online® and Catalog Builder® Snap. Catalog Builder Online® is a distributed catalog building system for large wholesale distributors and manufacturers. They deploy this web based application so dealers or branch offices can log in and build catalogs and flyers customized to their local markets. Catalog Builder Snap, on the other hand, is aimed at the very small business. This subscription-based application allows users to load their data into Catalog Builder over the internet, design their catalogs, and print them locally.

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