eCommerce21® Features: Marketing Tools
Related Items

Upselling is a great way to present customers with additional product suggestions and increase your sales. eCommerce21® suggests additional items to complement the products that a customer is buying.


You can set up your store to offer combination item specials and quantity discounts.

Search Engine Optimization

The eCommerce21® storefront system lets you select and load search engine keywords and optimizes your store for Google searches.

On-site SEO Features
  • Google-standard site map ensures a fully indexed website and bypasses Google’s maximum size limit.
  • Optimized page titles vary by category and item and can be fully customized to target specific search engine keywords/key phrases.
  • Meta descriptions are automated, yet fully customizable. These have little-to-no direct effect on the search engine rank, but it is the first thing a potential customer will see when their search results appear.
  • Meta keywords supported.
  • Breadcrumb navigation ensures the search engines can not only index pages in the proper context, but also provides yet another link deeper into the website.
  • Full HTML descriptions for each category and item allow complete flexibility to create content that is targeted to needed keywords. The most useful tags (h1,h2,h3) and optimized internal links are fully supported.
  • Optimized search results: eCommerce21® offer static links to results, and allows you to put fully optimized html descriptions on each search page.
  • Canonicalization is unnecessary. eCommerce21® automatically resolves duplicate content issues. Each page of content can only appear at one link. You have full control over what pages are optimized for keywords.
  • AJAX-free navigation, so search engines can crawl 100% of eCommerce21® content.
  • Full HTML headers and footers allow for consistent site-wide navigation and optimization.
  • Fully embeddable content allows any manner of content—images, videos, even articles and blogs—to be contained in the eCommerce21® experience, maintaining consistent navigation, instead of providing an exit path for the search engine crawl robots.
  • All internal links are “dofollow” allowing the deepest possible index.
  • Fully optimized landing pages, for categories, items. This includes images, content, and all meta data.
  • Automated, but customizable, optimized page titles.
Site Analytics

eCommerce21® is deeply integrated with Google Analytics. Even transaction-based data is included, so you can drill down to each order or even part number level. You can see which part is selling the most, how many orders are being placed, sales volume, and the totals of each order. You can also manage your Google ad campaigns against your orders coming from Google ads. Charts and graphs provided by Google Analytics, integrated with transaction level data, give you a powerful dashboard to analyze and manage your Internet Marketing.