Your Internet Storefront as a Mobile App: the Next Step in B2B Ecommerce

Business consumers now spend more time researching purchases on their mobile devices than on their desktops. That’s why most companies have already implemented mobile-friendly ecommerce sites, displaying simpler content and larger links to reduce the risks of frustration and user drop-off on small screen sizes. But that’s just the first step.

The next step, and one of the fastest growing trends in B2B commerce, is the use of ecommerce native mobile apps. Most of your customers already use mobile apps to make their lives easier—for checking current traffic conditions, finding the cheapest fuel, tracking expenses, and countless other conveniences. Ecommerce native mobile apps provide that same level of quick-click convenience to procurement.

Turn Lookers into Buyers

Ecommerce native mobile apps present new opportunities for engaging with customers and locking in repeat business. For one thing, there’s no URL to type. Once they have your app on their device, customers just click and they’re in. Rather than downloading the full-blown website, native apps download only the content the user wants to see, creating a much more streamlined experience. This is critical for mobile commerce success. The easier it is for customers to navigate to the products and pricing they need, the more likely they are to follow through with their purchases.

Stay on Top of Ecommerce Trends Regardless of Your Company Size

Written in the same code as the device they’re used on, native mobile apps provide quick response times and predictable performance. While relatively new to the wholesale distribution industry, some of the big-name companies are already using native mobile apps to support their customer base. Lucky for them, they have the big budgets to go along with their big names. Programming mobile apps for smartphone operating systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per platform.

This is why, today, we are excited to announce an affordable, ready-to-go solution. eCommerce21 now generates native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and Apple IOS. No programming required. Not only does our platform eliminate the development costs that typically goes into mobile apps, it speeds time to market by pulling your product data, images, pricing, and availability directly from the eCommerce21 Product Information Management (PIM) database. This should be welcome news for current users of the eComerce21 platform. eCommerce21 native mobile capabilities can be integrated with PIMs from other ecommerce or ERP systems as well.

Lock In Customer Loyalty

eCommerce21 native mobile apps streamline ordering from smart phones and tablets. Product information, pricing, availability, order history, and special promotions are right at your customers’ fingertips. The convenience factor of ecommerce native mobile apps keeps them coming back. After all, would someone go to the trouble of typing another distributor’s URL first or simply click on your app?

At Computer Pundits, we have a reputation for developing affordable, yet full-featured, ecommerce solutions for distributors of all sizes. This ready-to-go solution for native mobile apps is just another example of that commitment. You can learn more about our industrial-strength PIM, seamless ERP integration, and mobile-friendly ecommerce on our website at

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