Infor Distribution A+ Customers Get Cutting-edge Storefront Integration

It just got easier for Infor Distribution A+ users to implement sophisticated ecommerce storefronts. Our eCommerce21 design and management suite is now tightly integrated with Distribution A+, so Infor users can create modern, full-featured B2B and B2C ecommerce sites that fully leverage their robust backend systems. This is good news for users of the popular ERP system who’ve quickly realized the ecommerce application that comes with it is lacking many of the modern features they need to create a competitive storefront.

This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. Those storefront add-ons are a nice idea, but ERP companies simply can’t keep pace with the rapid evolution of ecommerce and customer demands for online accessibility. The ERP companies focus their energies elsewhere (and rightly so).

On the other hand, our focus is always on ecommerce and developing features to benefit the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry. By providing a variety of user-friendly ways to research and order products, our eCommerce21 suite helps Distribution A+ users achieve new levels of operational efficiency and customer convenience. Some of the more essential features include:

  • eProcurement Punch Outs
  • Distributor Control
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Customer and/or Contract-specific Pricing
  • Order History and Open Orders
  • Cross Selling, Credit Cart Validation, and Order Tracking
  • Multi-Company, Multi-Warehouse, and Restricted Items support
  • Mobile Interface
  • Job and Re-Order Lists

Most importantly, the parts data, pricing, and availability customers see online will always be current and comprehensive because of the real-time interchange of information between the eCommerce21 storefront and the Infor Distribution A+ ERP system. eCommerce21 is also integrated with Infor SX.enterprise, Infor FACTS, Infor SHIMS, Infor Lawson, Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Eclipse, Agility ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage ERP. Learn more on our website at

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