3 Reasons You Need Mobile-Friendly eCommerce NOW

In our last blog, Meet Your Best Salesperson, we defined “detailed product content” and the critical role it plays in search engine rankings and eCommerce success. Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of beefing up your content, you’ll want to make sure your customers can actually get to it from all the devices they use. More and more often today, those devices will be mobile. Is your eCommerce site optimized for smart phone and tablet users?

Here are three urgent reasons to commit to mobile-friendly eCommerce:

Google Penalizes Sites That Don’t Play Nice on Smart Devices – Google recently updated their algorithms to include mobile-friendliness as a factor in their ranking system. Nearly 70% of users either shop or research their purchases via mobile devices, so it makes sense that Google would reward sites that display content in a mobile-friendly manner. If you’ve noticed a decline in new visitors lately, this might be why. Check out Google’s Webmaster Blog for a link to their free “Mobile-Friendly Test”.

Your Sales Force and Customers are Mobile, Your Storefront Should be Too –Your sales reps and customers expect quick and easy access to the product information they need regardless of the device they’re using. Obviously, your sales force will work around inconveniences, but customers won’t. You can expect almost half of them to jump ship if they find better mobile experiences elsewhere.

You Want a Piece of the Billion Dollar Mobile Commerce Pie – Mobile usage is quickly overtaking desktop usage, so going mobile will be necessary for any company hoping to succeed online in the future. The good news is there will be plenty of online dollars to go around: eCommerce sales are expected to climb from $780 billion in 2015 to over 1.3 trillion by 2020.

So what does it take to be mobile-friendly? Your site simply needs to be useable on small screens: text big enough to read without zooming, links far enough apart to make them easy to tap with a finger, and pages that fit without scrolling side to side.

For help, check out Computer Pundit’s eCommerce21 Mobile app. It automatically scales storefronts to fit mobile devices, giving users larger navigation buttons and simplified content with all the functionality of the full-scale site, including ERP integration and full shopping cart functionality. You can learn more at www.computerpundits.com.

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