Meet Your Best Salesperson

Exceptional product content is the key to online sales success. After all, the first “salesperson” new customers turn to for help making their purchase decisions isn’t a person at all, it’s your eCommerce website. Make sure it’s up to the task.

Too often, businesses simply pull part and product data from their ERP systems or manufacturer price books and think they’re done. Sure, these sources will get you the part number and short descriptions, but what about the benefits and defining attributes? You wouldn’t sit with a customer and just recite technical details, and neither should your website.

Another important reason to jazz up manufacturer product descriptions? Search rankings. If you cut and paste the same content as another eCommerce site (a competitor, for example) you could both end up penalized in search engine rankings. That’s a risk you want to avoid considering 30% of eCommerce traffic typically arrives via search engines. Manufacturer content is fine, but you have to spruce it up.

So, what makes for outstanding eCommerce content?

  • Detailed product descriptions that make sense – Think of these as your foot in the door. What would your salesperson tell the customer about this particular product? This is most likely what customers will see when your site shows up in their search ranking.
  • Attributes, attributes and more attributes – Your product content must be broken down into helpful attributes in order to help customers zero in on the products they need when they don’t know the part number. For example, an electric motor should list RPMs, frame, volts, and overload, while furnace attributes should include BTUH, vent size, CFM, filter size and so on.
  • Images – Customers want to make quick purchase decisions. Help them do it by providing them with schematics and full color images, from multiple angles if needed, so they can confirm they’re buying the right item.

The effort you put into developing eCommerce content is a lot like the training you provide your sales force. You can’t shortcut either one, but at least you can get help with the content if you need it. In fact, our team of content specialists are ready to collect, optimize, and load detailed descriptions, product attributes, features, benefits and images for you. All you need to do is provide us with the manufacturer part numbers. Visit our content development page for more details.

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