New Price Book App Combines ERP Data with Catalog Quality

Now there’s an easy way to generate PDF price books that blend the attractive design and rich information of a catalog with customer-specific part numbers and pricing data from an ERP system.

While most ERP systems can easily generate price books, they are typically simple spreadsheets with limited data. With the new Catalog Builder Live app, it takes just a few clicks to generate price books that include detailed information and full-color images in an eye-pleasing layout, resulting in better decision making tools for your customers and stronger sales tools for your team.

Here’s how it works:

You simply select the customer and the effective date of pricing. Catalog Builder Live pulls the customer-specific pricing directly from your ERP system and produces an attractively designed PDF with product specifications, pictures, and large descriptions from your catalog database.

Catalog Builder live integrates directly with most popular ERP and accounting systems, including Infor SX.enterprise, Infor SHIMS, Infor A+, Infor Lawson, Infor FACTS, Epicor Eclipse, Epicor Prophet, Microsoft Dynamics, Agility ERP, and Sage ERP.

With the new Catalog Builder Live app, as with all Computer Pundits products, your sales teams will spend less time seeking out sales tools and more time selling.

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