From ERP to Custom Price Books, Automation is a Beautiful Thing

Never format another price list again. Sure, you still need customer-specific price lists, but you can skip the tedious process of manually loading and formatting part numbers and pricing in spreadsheets.

Catalog Builder Live takes the work out of building custom price books and mini catalogs by automating the entire process. First, it integrates seamlessly with popular ERP systems, accessing the most current pricing and availability information. Next, it calculates the customer’s pricing based upon their unique pricing level and quantity discounts. Then it uses that information to generate attractively formatted PDF price books or sophisticated mini catalogs with detailed product descriptions, attributes, and images.

If you’re looking for a way to get product and pricing information in front of your customers faster and in a more appealing format, Catalog Builder Live could be just the thing. With this new app, your sales team will spend less time generating price lists and more time selling. And who doesn’t want that?

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B2B eCommerce: 900 Distributors and the Pursuit of Market Share

IMARK Group is a US-based marketing cooperative of over 900 independently owned electrical distributors. Its mission? To help members maximize profitability and increase market share. To do that, IMARK has hand-picked a network of industry-leading manufacturers and service providers.

We’re pleased to announce that Computer Pundits Corporation was recently added to the IMARK network as a trusted provider of B2B eCommerce and catalog management solutions.

We think it’s a great match. What better way to help distributors increase market share than through the efficiencies of B2B eCommerce? Even more importantly, our modular eCommerce and catalog solutions can be sized to fit businesses of all sizes, from regional distributors to global wholesale suppliers.

Computer Pundit’s out-of-the-box solutions are specifically designed to support the unique marketing and technology needs of the wholesale distribution industry. More than 1,000 businesses, including many electrical distributors, are already long-time customers. They use Catalog Builder® to design and manage professional quality catalogs for print and online distribution, and eCommerce21® to boost online sales with powerful storefront management, built-in on-site SEO, and seamless ERP integration.

To learn about our complete line of products and how they can help increase your own market share, go to:  If you would like to learn more about the IMARK Group, please visit