New App Delivers Web Storefront Portability Even Without Connectivity

Taking orders in the field is a common practice now that orders can go directly into ERP systems from mobile devices. The challenge is finding and maintaining connectivity on the road.

Now there’s an app that allows you to take orders and generate quotes in the field even when you don’t have Internet connectivity: eCommerce21 Valise for iPad.

Here’s how it works:

Before leaving the office, your sales reps load your entire storefront into eCommerce21 Valise, along with customer-specific information such as pricing and order history from your ERP system. Over the course of the day, they take orders and quotes wherever they are, whether they have Internet access or not. When they reach a WiFi or Internet connection, eCommerce21 Valise uploads the orders directly to your ERP system.

eCommerce21 Valise is the answer to faster order processing in the field and timely deliveries.

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Boost Online Sales by Enriching Your Product Content

If your web storefront sales are falling short of your goals, take a close look at your product content. Are you giving visitors the detailed product information they need to make their buying decisions?

FACT: Rich product content is a key factor in increasing sales via web storefronts. Short descriptions from ERP systems aren’t enough for effective online selling. Buyers need detailed descriptions, product attributes, features, benefits, and images.

No matter which ERP system you use or which storefront software you have in place, our team of content specialists will collect, optimize, and load rich product content for your storefront or catalog. Just provide us with manufacturer’s part numbers and names and we will do the rest.

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